Saturday, 18 April 2015

Peter Kofman wins with 10 other finalist at

Thank you all for the congrats on the win at the Wellness Champions competition yesterday. Incredibly I was nominated by a bike racer colleague . I was not the only winner.10 people from all walks of business and athletic life were awarded for their commitment to health  and wellness. Check the other nominees at
www.wellness . Honestly, I was very hesitant to participate when initially nominated. I could not see myself being put on a podium for doing things that just come naturally.Somehow yesterday I managed to become a winner. . So If I did it and if  something came of my participation then it had to be about the team and our chosen kids cancer charity OOCH , not me specifically.

I cant remember the last time , if ever I took a day, to spend on the intellectual side of health , fitness and well being,
My idea of well being usually has something to do with staring at the back of someones wheel going 45 kph! with my lungs exploding and legs on fire! .But yesterday was different and I enjoyed the learning experience.

So in conclusion I want to share a few final thoughts about my inclusion in this contest.

Number one: I participated because  want to use this recognition  as a way to promote what our Erace Cancer Cycling Team & Foundation does for Camp Oochigeas . We started this team to race bike and raise money for kids who are sick. So donations are welcome on our team page at

So if I can inspire someone else to live a particular way by example , then why not.
I did not realize it at first but what we do is viewed as the exception , not the norm
and many people strive for some form of commitment that many in our bike  community take for granted.

A final thought.

1 After my initial trepidation about participating  I came to realize that many people simply want to understand how to achieve goals, particularly with respect to Fitness and Weight management..and look to others for help so that they can learn by example.
2 There were 4 key themes  that kept coming up yesterday Sleep Sleep Sleep , Eat properly , Exercise, Move...Pretty simple . Just do it !


Saturday, 4 April 2015

Good Friday Road Race. Season Opener and Garnett Abbey wins the M2 sprint

Thank you all for supporting Erace Cancer Cycling .

The season has started!
Thank you to all of our sponsors for all of your donations to Camp Oochigeas supporting kids cancer programs.

Good Friday Report :

We had a great season opener in Anacaster, Ontario yesterday . This race is the historical opening to the  race season. We were lucky to have temperatures in the mid teens.
Great racing temps.

We had 5 racer out in different categories.
All of had a great day but Garnett was spectacular winning the M2 field sprint.

( Pic of Garnett winning an event at the National Track championships)

Congrats to all and thank you for coming out and your continued support.

Racers at Good Friday

Marshall Eidinger S3
Steve Smith M1
Garnett Abbey M2
Lori Kofman W- S1/2
Peter Kofman M1
Rahim Remu M3

Thanks to all for participating yesterday

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Stephen Chester designed 2015 Team Kit supporting Camp Ooch.

Check out our new team 2015 jersey designed by  teammate Stephen Chester, We are super excited to wear the new team colors !

Team formed to raise funds for Cancer Research , we have 35 racers that will "Race to Beat Cancer" in 2015 . Follow us at and support kids cancer programs at

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