Monday, 10 November 2014

Erace Cancer 2014 .... Wins two Provincial titles and $65000.00 for Camp Oochigeas!


For those of you who do not use Facebook or twitter I have sent this email to copy you on what i posted today - Nov 9 2014
Thanks to all  of you for an amazing season.We appreciate all of your continued support, your belief in our team and racers and most of all in helping us to raise $65000.00 that supports programs for kid with cancer and Camp Oochigeas .

Posted to Facebook Nov 9 2014

Two Provincial titles for Erace Cancer Cycling Team and Foundation 2014Huge Kudos Lori Kofman and Rob " the machine " Sule for laying down Ontario Cycling Association provincial title wins. They are both incredible racers and I'm putting everyone on notice that you should not let their innocent demeanour at the start line fool you. They both can do some serious damage to their competitors and I'm always proud of their determined killer focus with a smile on the side.
It was a great day ( we were expecting snow! ) but it wasn't actually bad at all Hardwood Ski and Bike. Congrats to my fellow competitors and teammates . Special mention to Marshall Eidinger for a stellar performance and podium in his first year at cx .We know everyone worked hard yesterday Brad Hunter,& Stephen Chester
Thats a wrap.... racing ends March 2014 Paris Ancaster - Nov, 9 2014 Cyclocross provincials. $65000.00 raised for Camp Oochigeas Thanks to everyone for following and our amazing teammates, club members and sponsors

Thats a wrap on racing for 2014 and hope to  see you  all supporting and racing or riding with us next year ( or maybe out riding in the snow )

Pete and Lori

Peter Kofman
c.4163159148 ( pk)
c.4163159149 ( lk )

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Cyclocross cx 2014 continued great representation by Erace Cancer Cycling Team

Cyclocross 2014
October 12 2014

If you have never checked out the following website it is really interesting
Search for your name and you will be surprised about how much data it has on racers!!


Great showing by Erace Cancer Oct.11.2014 at Turkey Cx

All of the guys raced well with a great finish by Marshall 3rd - Elite 4

Great work by ;

Joe Accardi M3
Jeff Kielley M3
Marshall Edinger 3rd Elite 4 !!! 
Stephen Chester M2
Gabe Faraone M2

Giles Marshall M2
Ellison Park , Rochester NY.
Lori and I raced at Ellison Park in Rochester yesterday
It was a really interesting course
250 feet of climbing per lap and a bit tricky
Sort of what we might call "mountain cross"
Really interesting to race in the states 
Very different than the home turf.
Results Ellison Park , Rochester 
Peter Kofman 3rd in Cat
Lori Kofman 5th Open Women

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A few great results, pics and Cross Season is here!

The Erace season is still going strong
In the past few weeks we have had  really solid results in the following races

Ontario Provincial Time Trial
Ontario Provincial Mountain Bike
Ontario Provincial Criterium
The 8 hours race last weekend at Hardwood Hills
Cowbell Cyclocross 1st Ocup

Firstly let me say that I might make some mistakes in posting results. I might inadvertently leave someone out or miss something. No offence to anyone if i screw this up!

Cowbell Cross

It was the season opener.  The first O Cup. We had a really strong showing last weekend at the event
Lots of the team were there. Lori , myself, Gabe , Steve Chester , Brad ,Marshall and Joe
It was fast and flat making for an hour of power.

Although everyone did really well Lori kicked some serious butt and placed 1st in her cat.
Another win for her.

We will be back for more at TOCX this weekend

Ontario Provincial Mountain Bike race
Horseshoe Ontario

Rob Sule and Garnett were the main event
They did some serious damage out there with Rob Sule placing second in his cat
Rob has excelled all year at his riding and this was another solid podium
Garnet worked hard showing well in his category

Much more to come as we continue the Cross season. it going to get cold and the racing is going to get much hotter.  We have great attendance so should   do really well as a team in the cross discipline overall standings Stay tuned


Monday, 29 September 2014

Please come out celebrate and support, Mikaela Kofman and SCOTT 3 Rox athletes as they Push for Pan Am Games to take place right here in Toronto. Evite in the post below

Come celebrate and support Canada's Premier Mountain Bike team Oct 28 , at Steam Whistle Brewery.
As many of you know our daughter Mikaela Kofman races for SCOTT-3Rox racing. This year they are celebrating an amazing 2014 season and are looking forward to next years Pan Am Games that will take place in our own backyard
See Mikaela's personal note below inviting everyone to the SCOTT-3Rox year end bash and the Push for the Pan AM's .
Please come out to help support these athletes, the team as they aspire to win for Canada at the games
Hope to see you there.
From Mikaela Kofman
Hey Everybody...
As the 2014 season is coming to an end the SCOTT-3Rox team is looking forward to 2015. The team has high hopes for the upcoming 2015 season with the Pan American Games taking place here in Toronto. 3 Rox Racing has the potential to qualify a large portion of the Canadian contingent competing at the Games. The team will be hosting a year end event to not only celebrate a successful 2014 season but to support the "push for Pan-Am" dream. Additionally, over the 5 years that I have raced for 3 Rox Racing it has gone from a home-grown local development squad to a UCI elite professional XC team. Coming out to this event will help the 3 Rox team maintain its UCI elite status which enables world class competition on the World Cup Circuit. I look forward to seeing you October, your support is always appreciated!
Following is the official invite and link to the event.
-Mikaela Kofman-
Scott-3 Rox Racing would like to invite you to an evening with Canada’s premier mountain bike team. SCOTT-3 Rox Racing is a Canadian Professional mountain bike team and UCI Elite Team currently ranked 16th in the world. The event includes cocktail reception, silent auction, and a chance to support Canada’s only UCI Elite professional XC team. The year-end party is an opportunity to not only support the push for Pan-Am, but to meet some of the best XC riders in North America including a multi-time Olympian and several National and Pan American Champions.

Kyle Douglas
SCOTT-3Rox Racing Team
Team Manager
Scott-3 Rox Racing would like to invite you to an evening with Canada’s premier mountain bike team. SCOTT-3 Rox Racing is a Canadian Professional mountain bike team and UCI Elite Team currently ranked 16th in the world. The event...

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Great team party last night !! 2014 Fundraising hits $60,000 for Camp Oochigeas, Join our team /club for 2015. Support and help kids with cancer!!

Great Erace Cancer Cycling Team & Foundation team party last night , Finally good to get everyone together off the 2 wheel. Please to announce that the team raised
$63,070.00 for Camp Oochigeas so far this year . We have now raised over $180,000.00 for our chosen cause over the past few years . Congrats to all Erace Cancer Cycling Team and Foundation 2014 members ,racers, sponsors and teammates. +Camp Oochigeas +Peter Kofman @eracecance

Thanks to +Lori Kofman for all the hard work putting last night together for the team.

We want to get as many racers and club members in the Jersey fighting Cancer for Kids as possible

For more info contact info below


We want to get as many racers and club members in the Jersey fighting Cancer for Kids as possible

P.S, If you want to join a great team for next year 2015  please email me at or

Thursday, 28 August 2014

We are still alive and riding..The cyclocross season is about to begin...... and a few other important things

So we are at the 66% or 2/3 mark in this season and its just starting to get exciting, Our team of fantastic athletes, racers,riders, club members and sponsors are heading into the next phase of the riding season.

As the summer shifts to  the fall  season our members will compete in a number of big events . For some these events are really big hurdles and major accomplishments for others they form part of the process and a continuation of a race season that started in April and will finish with most probably a snowy Cyclocross in some part of the country

Some up and coming major events

Blue Mountain Centurion. A 170 KM Grand Fondo with over 6000 feet for climbing . Historically we have allot of riders participating. Its tough and fun all at the same time!

Weekly Cyclocross practice
Midweek- Tuesdays
Erace _ Wednesday

Provincial Mountain Bike Race.
Provincial Time Trial  - Sept 7
Cyclocross Nationals - Winnipeg Late October ... BRRRRRRR!
Cyclocross Provincials TBD

Three important things

1 Donations to Camp Oochigeas should pass $60,000.00 this year.
Thank you to all of you for support. If you wish to donate to help the kids please visit

2 If you want to join this team/club next year and become part of something amazing. You learn about racing, and riding . Meet new people and be inspired by some great racers with tons of experience then send me an email.

3 Cyclocross. Get involved. If you have never tried Cyclocross then we would be pleased to show you what it is all about. Cyclocross is a great discipline within cycling that will help you build fitness and have fun in one of the most gruelling of cycling genres. There are lots of ways to try this out. Just ask or ( Lori is really good at Cyclocross and can offer lots of advice )

4 Come out and watch a Cyclocross race. We will post the weekly event . There are races almost every weekend of the year. They are fast and fun and only last 45 minutes Support us and see what it is all about. Hey... its better than sitting inside on a beautiful fall day

Keep watching or look for pics  and results on FB

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Big Miles Posted last week at Erace Cancer Cycling Team

Erace Cancer posts big climbs and miles last week. A few caveats,  Note that allot of team does not use Stava or ride with a GPS so team mile in any given week may be much higher. We are working on a fundraiser for +CampOoch  based upon tracked Strava over a given week. Please stay tuned, we need our support.

 Marshall Eidinger 467.7 km    Climbed 11,433 m  WOW!!
 Rob Sule 435.1 km  Climbed 2,702 m
 Peter Kofman 330.4 Climbed 2,431 m
 Elliott Horwitz 326.7 km  Climbed 2,432 m
 Lori Kofman 318.4  Climbed 2,517 m
 Warren Blatt 215.3 km  Climbed 1,861 m
 George Nonix 185.7 km Climbed 339 m
 Joe Accardi 183.6 km Climbed 972 m
 ergo shifter159.9 km 636.9 km Climbed 2,298 m
 briana i 68.8 km429.2 km Climbed 518 m
 Dirt Simple 7.3 km17.3 Climbed 124 m