Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Provincial Road Race 2014 M-"C" Pic and link to all team results 2014

Great Picture of the Erace Cancer Cycling Team p/b La Bicicletta after the Provincial Road Race last week. Thanks to Maryka for the pic
L to R
Garnett Abbey, Giles Marshall, Peter Kofman, Rob Sule ( 4th ) > The Master C team.


This is where you can find most of our team results for 2014


Erace Cancer Team Results 2014

Just pick a race and look up Erace Cancer Cycling Team

Saturday, 19 July 2014

So who is Camp Ooch and why do we at Erace Cancer Cycling Team p/b La Bicicletta support their efforts

So why do we sponsor Camp Oochigeas and who are they anyway.. what do they do?
We chose to work with them because the help kids . They help kids and their families when they find themselves in very difficult circumstances follow our team and racing at
Camp Oochigeas (Ooch) is a privately funded, volunteer-based organization that provides kids with and affected by childhood cancer with unique opportunities for growth through challenging, fun, enriching and magical experiences.
Cancer changes a child’s life. So does Camp. At Ooch, we offer a wide variety of year-round camp programs for kids with cancer, their siblings, and their families. There’s something for everyone, and every program is guaranteed to be filled with friendship, fun and life-changing memories.
We offer magical programs at our Residential (sleepover) Camp in Muskoka, at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), three other regional cancer centres across Southern Ontario and at Ooch Downtown, our urban recreational facility in the heart of Toronto.
Cancer is a difficult experience for the whole family. In response to this reality, we offer various programs for children (ages 4-18) with and affected by childhood cancer, their siblings and their parents/guardians. Some campers are newly diagnosed and on active treatment and some have been in remission for years. The Ooch community is full of kids and families that understand.
Programs happen almost 365 days a year. There is always something happening at Ooch.

Canadian Mountain Bike Championships Today and Tomorrow

Canadian Mountain Bike Championships  Hardwood Ski and Bike with 3 Rox Racing. Today we will see some of the amazing world class  elite riders racing.  Some of the best in the work will race today at the new Pan Am venue  .Tomorrow Erace Cancer Cycling Team and Foundation 2014  Erace Cancer Cycling Team & Foundation will be racing .
Our teammates Rob Sule and Garnett Abbey will be going for gold. 

Friday, 4 July 2014

Erace Cancer Cycling Team p/b La Bicicletta - National result s Sule scores two Bronze metals

Rob Sule 2 Bronze Metals at Nationals

I am really proud of our team, fantastic results for the team at Nationals. it was great to be part of it in Beauceville QC this week

Rob Sule gets double Bronze for Erace Cancer at Nationals  TT and Road
Peter Kofman 8th TT ( tied with Rob Anderson for 7th )
Garnett Abbey 16th TT RR 14th

Time trial:

Master C, 14.5 kmTimeGap
1 Ron Amos (Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme)0:18:070:00
2 Stéphane Le Beau (Acquisio - ACQ)0:18:520:45
3 Robert Sule (Erace Cancer Cycling Team p/b Bic)0:18:550:48
4 Andre Lamarche (TREK FIERA)0:19:020:55
5 Stéphane Demers (Équipe Brunet)0:19:020:55
6 Jon Gee (Ride with Rendall)0:19:040:57
7 Robert Anderson (Team Specialized Racing Touchston)0:19:101:03
8 Peter Kofman (Erace Cancer Cycling Team p/b La)0:19:101:03
9 Michel Ostiguy (Powerwatts)0:19:211:14
10 Pierre Lessard (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur)0:19:251:18
11 Denis Mahoney (Indépendant)0:19:301:23
12 Robert Orange (Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme)0:19:401:33
13 Andre Binette (Indépendant)0:19:561:49
14 Ambrose Delaney (Framework Racing Team)0:20:021:55
15 Pierre C. Lacoste (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur)0:20:041:57
16 Garnett Abbey (Erace Cancer p/b La Bicicletta)0:20:092:02
17 Luc Dupont (Indépendant)0:21:423:35
DNF Sylvan Adams (PowerWatts)
DNF Claude Dallaire (GURU)

Road Race:

Master C Men, 118.6 km
1 Jon Gee (Ride with Rendall)3:02:14
2 Miguel Sanchez (Sports Maguire)at 0:32
3 Robert Sule (Erace Cancer Cycling Team p/b Bicicletta)0:33
4 Ron Amos (Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme)s.t.
5 Sylvan Adams (PowerWatts)0:36
6 Robert Anderson (Team Specialized Racing Touchstone)s.t.
7 Stéphane Le Beau (Acquisio - ACQ)0:40
8 Andre Lamarche (Trek Fiera)5:50
9 Ambrose Delaney (Framework Racing Team)s.t.
10 Daniel Therer (Trek-Fiera)7:11
11 Steve Bauer (Independent)9:21
12 Stéphane Demers (Équipe Brunet)s.t.
13 Gautier D'Aulnay (Atmosphère Sherbrooke)9:25
14 Garnett Abbey (Erace Cancer p/b La Bicicletta)
15 Alain Major (GTH sport)both s.t.
16 Tommy Mak (Calgary Cycling Club)9:31
17 Eric Magnoux (indépendant)9:33
18 Robert Orange (Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme)9:46
19 Robert Duguay (acquisio acq)10:19
20 Andre Paquette (Sports GTH)12:46
21 Rene Desjardins (Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais)12:46
22 Roch Mathieu (Acquisio - ACQ)18:09
23 Didier Chunlaud (Norco Premier Tech)18:11
DNF Gervais Bernier (indépendant)
DNF Michel Ostiguy (Powerwatts)
DNF Michel Martin (Indépendant)
DNF Michel Raymond (Vélosélect)
DNF Julien Rioux (Club Cycliste de Sherbrooke)
DNF Michel Demers (Sport GTH)
DNF Terence Dahms (Pedalhead Road Works)
DNF Alexander Vega (powerwatts)
DNF Denis Mahoney (Indépendant)
DNF Michel Hamel (Sherbrooke)

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Outstanding team effort this week as we approach Road Nationals

The team is training hard this week with rides coming in from France to Crits, TT's and more
Is support of Cancer we have logged 25 training rides and 1250 km's in 3 days. Impressive given that it has been a wet week !
Keep up the good work everyone
We are working on a fundraising team Strava event
Coming soon.
Let me know if you want to be part of it in support of Camp OOch

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Team Rides and Strava .. now you can really see what this racing is all about.. follow us.

You can now follow the team rides, Racing and Stava goals for the entire team at

If you want to know how we train, where we race. and see actual files including Power , Heart Rates and Speed of our riders check out the Strava link on our Erace Cancer Team site
There is a ton of info there and you might find the details interesting

Also its a busy weekend.

This weekend is the 24 hr Mtn Bike race at Albion Hills ( MTN )
We are competing at the Twilight Criterium tomorrow night in Kitchener < Fast and furious road racing, speeds in excess of 50 kph .
Tour of Waterloo - Sunday
Centruion 100 mile road race on Sunday

And in case you get bored with all of that we are riding the Donut 111km ride in Toronto on saturday just for some added training and intensity. Please follow us.

Hey by the way if you want to support us and make a donation to our cause as we race for kids cancer please go to and make small donation to Erace Cancer.

Remember all of this effort is to help run kids cancer programs at OOCH. We are racing to beat cancer.


Monday, 9 June 2014

June 9th Erace Cancer is now at $56,000.00 for Camp Oochigeas and a little weekend update

Its June 9th. - Erace Cycling Team p/b La Bicicletta Update

Warm weather has arrived. We are racing every week at this point in the season. As you all know we race the Road ,Mountain, and Cyclocross circuits in Ontario . What perhaps many of you do not realize is that bike racing in Ontario stretches from March all the way until December.
In fact racing, bike racing is seasonally adjusted and focused

What I mean by this is that certain race disciplines are focused in certain times of the year.

Some examples:

Road racing - Mostly Spring through early summer
( Time trial and crit series go throughout the summer )
Mountain bike racing - All summer
Cyclocross - Late summer, fall early winter

We are basically finishing the spring season with allot of the  Road O'cup races complete. Mountain bike racing is going strong and we are looking forward to a full summer of racing

In the coming weeks and month we will be preparing for National Road and Mountain biking events

Weekly racing:

Our team races every week at criterium, time trial , and mountain bike events
If you want to find out more , you can check out
or Ontariocycling .org

Fundraising for Camp Ooch

We race bikes! and we do it for a cause.
We support a charity that supports cancer programs for kids
We are not unique, lots of people and teams support charity
We are not a large organization
We are just a small group of people , dedicated to racing hard and working hard to put our efforts to something meaningful.
We are a grass roots organization doing simple things that hopefully assist others in need

So far this year we have raised $56000.00, please go to find us  ( Erace Cancer )under events and please make a small donation to the team. We would really appreciate it as we work towards our 2014 goal.

Weekend results:

The weekend we raced in two major events
Both were O Cups.

KW Classic - Road
( A difficult and messy race with lot s ugly crashes and rain from start to finish !!!)


M3 Gabe Faraone -11
M2 Warren Blatt - 11
M1 Mike Ybanez - 8
M1 Peter Kofman  - 20
M1 Steve Smith - 31

Sir Sams - Mtn

Master Expert 50-59  Garnett Abbey -12