Friday, 28 August 2015

NEWS!!!! Save the date ..October, 17,2015 Erace Cycling Team presents an afternoon of fun and music in support of Camp Ooch

NEWS!!!!   Save the date ..October, 17,2015 ....Erace Cycling Team presents an afternoon of fun and music in support of Camp Ooch. Come out and support kids with cancer! More details to follow.

Please save the date . Afternoon   October 17 2015 1PM-5 PM

What is  this all about??

Erace Cancer Cycling Team is proud to present  the “ Camp Ooch Jam Fundraiser”  featuring  “ The Downshift Band” , cranking out your favorite Country Rock tunes with our very own cyclist Chris Chambers on drums.


The Leaside Pub
190 Laird Ave


This event is open to all team members, sponsors and family (kids are welcome ), friends and everyone else who you think would enjoy an afternoon
of awesome music, prizes, giveaways .
Please bring as many people as possible.
A similar event last year raised about $8000.00 and attracted 300 people.


Suggested door admission is $10.00 per person.


Details to follow and we are planning an awesome day.

If you wish to help or be part of making this an incredible success;

Please contact me directly if you wish to help with this event.
"Eracer’s" please step up to help!
We need all the help we can get to make this a success!
We need door prizes, sponsorship, silent auction etc.

Contact details at 

Peter Kofman

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Our racers are riding and racing almost everyday helping kids with Cancer

Some great new results from our Erace Cancer Cycling Team & Foundation. All of them riding ,racing and challenging themselves in support of kids cancer at Camp Oochigeas Donate and send a kid to camp at
Results :
Garnett at the Rochester Twilight Crit. Cat 2/3 and M35 Best result 10. That is fantastic 
More results

Shannon E Ford-Smith podiums the mixed tag team division at this weekend's 6hr race in the "Hood" (Port Colborne)

Warren Douglas rides and completes the "Raid Pyreneen " in Europe

Friday, 14 August 2015

Erace Cancer Cycling Team ...Breaking through some racing and fund raising barrier in support of Camp OOCH

Many members of the Erace Cancer Cycling Team  have been participating in the TNTT events over the past years

We race the Kennedy Rd 15 km course  every week and have done so for many years
Last night we had our series championships. It was well attended and a very fast night.
( that means the wether conditions were perfect for fast times )

As you all know I have been doing these events for years. My goal has been to continually improve my speed and resultant course time. Last night I broke through a threshold and goal that i has eluded me for over 2 years.
Last night I rode a sub 20 minute TT or just over 45.0 kph average.

Now the reason Im pumping this is because yesterday we also broke through a new threshold of fund raising for our Erace Cancer cycling Team supporting Camp OOch . Total donations and commitments are now at $70,000.00 for the year with just over $60,000.00 collected and $150,000.00 raised to date

it's great to be able to focus on a goal with my teammates and colleagues as we support a great cause.
Just proves that we can do just about anything if we all work hard together

Results below:

Real Deal Racing - Club Championship TNTT
August 13th Results
1st Dave Frake 18:35 CR
2nd Larbi Benhabib 19:17 PB
3rd Bryan Tyers 19:36 PB
4th Dino Popp 19:52 PB
5th Peter Kofman 19:59 PB
6th Ryan Hodgkins 20:07 PB
8th Rol Miller 20:08 PB
9th Nigel Dewsbury 20:39 PB
10th Jon Maloney 20:43 PB
11th Bruce Raymer 20:43 PB
12th Brad Parsons 20:48 PB
13th Victor Cellarius 21:00 PB
14th Scott Edgington 21:35
15th Dan Horchick 21:41 PB
16th Enoch Tse 21:49 PB
17th Bill Ross 22:14 PB
18th Joe Accardi 22:40 PB
19th Angella Goran 22:54 PB
20th Bruce Smith 23:05 PB
21st Liz Grootenboer 23:33 PB
22nd Roger Waithe 23:36 PB
23rd Bill Harlow 24:42 PB
24th Ben Baker 25:38 PB
25th Lev Blium 25:47 PB
26th Jacob Reinisch 27:07 PB
27th Phoebe Hill 27:16 PB
28th Karri Beck 27:31 PB
29th Luka Marht-Smith 27:47 PB
30th Stefano Seganfreddo 31:49 PB
31st Emanuel Seganfreddo 33:59 PB

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